Spring 2021 Season - Days/Times Forthcoming

Nation Building with Antonio Pacheco / A bi-weekly look at the state of public architecture in the United States, including interviews, news items, reading suggestions, and historical/theoretical frameworks for understanding public architecture more broadly.

Grounds with Amanda Ugorji / Inter-generational interviews with artists, designers, and planners that ask what existential questions they have been working through lately and how they make their decisions.

Still Standing with Eytan Levi and Ben Hoyle / Interviews with experts about the renovation of Soviet mass housing.

Conversations on Care with Ana MiljaĨki

Life Psets #2

Val and I talk improving USPS-speed response times, finding the strength to close This Cat is Chonky Facebook page, and naming Planet 9 Pluto II as a tribute. Join us and talk to us: lifepsets at mit dot edu.

Listen to this episode in the archives here and every Sunday at 8pm.

eat u alive - marian hill feat. steve davit
lemon to a knife fight - the wombats
woman lover powerful - daniella mason
cough syrup - young the giant