Spring 2021 Season - Days/Times Forthcoming

Nation Building with Antonio Pacheco / A bi-weekly look at the state of public architecture in the United States, including interviews, news items, reading suggestions, and historical/theoretical frameworks for understanding public architecture more broadly.

Grounds with Amanda Ugorji / Inter-generational interviews with artists, designers, and planners that ask what existential questions they have been working through lately and how they make their decisions.

Still Standing with Eytan Levi and Ben Hoyle / Interviews with experts about the renovation of Soviet mass housing.

Conversations on Care with Ana Miljački

Dangerous History: Dariel and Nick

April 15, 2020: My partner Nick Stoutt, a Senior Associate at Safdie Architects, talks with me about my serpentine path to and through the PhD. Listen to the show here. We touch on topics important to working couples such as work-life balance and the supports systems that allow for career flexibility, and compare our professional paths. We also discuss how I chose my dissertation topic, tentatively titled, Building Négritude: the Construction of West African Modernity After Independence

Dariel Cobb is a PhD candidate in the History, Theory, and Criticism of Art and Architecture division of the Department of Architecture at MIT. Her work examines modern art and architecture across the Black Atlantic, with a particular focus on plastic synthesis between art and architecture, the influence of Négritude on expressions of nationalism, and the entanglement of modern architecture and "tropicality" in the postcolony. Her dissertation explores post-colonial expressions of national identity in Francophone West Africa, and the discursive milieu which influenced creative exploration at mid-century, including the work of ethnographers, writers, and artists alongside architects. Dariel has written about Afrofuturism and the technological body in Africa; the climate discourse in modern architecture; juridical definitions of space; the relationship of nomadic peoples to built space, and the various ways “built” is defined. Her recent publications range from the work of Angolan photographer Kiluanji Kia Henda, to the design of urban Luanda, to the discipline of creative labor and the economics of architecture as work. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from the University of California at Berkeley, and a Master of Architecture from Yale University.

Afrofuturist Touchstones

Film, "Brother from Another Planet," 1984, dir. John Sayles

Album, Sun Ra: The Lost Arkestra Series Vol 1 & 2, Art Yard Records,  2017

Octavia E. Butler, sci-fi author, 1986; c. Patti Perret. I recommend the Xenogenesis series.

Samuel Delany, author; c. Patti Perret. I recommend his novel Dhalgren.